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Integration of Early Childhood Movement Development

with Renate Wennekes

Founder of Developmental Kinesiology, Director of Institut fuer Kinesiologische Lernfoerderung, International Faculty Member of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation for Germany 

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Integration of Early Childhood Movement Development

Duration:  21 hours

Accredited hours of the Edu-K Foundation: 18 hours

Dates: April 7-9, 2012

Venue:  Conference Hall 07, 2/.F, Lakeside 2, Phase 2, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, Hong Kong.
here to see information about venue location and accommodation.

Pre-requisite: Brain Gym Basic or Touch for Health Level One or skillful in muscle-testing and noticing

 Fees (HKD):


Early bird fees
(paid 28 days on or
before workshop date.
See master schedule for
the exact date)


New students 4,200 4,800 certificate* & a manual
Review students
(those who already
have a certificate
of this course)
2,400 3,600 certificate*

* Certificate is granted by Institut fuer Kinesiologische Lernfoerderung. This is an accredited course of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation.

Integration of Early Childhood Motor Development

In this seminar the participants obtain a general view of the motoric development of the baby, from lying, turning, sitting up, crawling to walking.

These natural developmental movements are for the adults important too. During the seminar we do the movements ourselves, we feel them and test, how far we live them and integrated them in our movement pattern.

There will be a special accent on the movements, that helped the baby to cross the body midline. We will test the movements kinesiologically and bring them back to life, to use the power for our everyday life as an adult.

The balancing of the movements can help us to find gaps in our development and by this support changes of emotional challenges. The information gives the background to the midline movements from Brain GymŪ.


Goals of the Class

  • To learn and experience the early childhood movements from birth to 18 months. 
  • To experience and discover own movement patterns for personal growth and movability.
  • To learn about the importance of movement, play, being on the floor for a normal development.
  • To encourage the students for a daily movement programme.
  • To teach the importance of the single movements for a healthy cognitive, emotional and physical development.
  • The importance of the movement development for the crossing of the midline.
  • The support movement to prevent learning difficulties.
  • To balance movement, development and joy in life and learning via the developmental movements.
  • To learn and experience new and creative ways of balancing.
  • To learn about the importance that human beings are carry-abouts. They have to be carried and held to build up their muscle tone, stability and centering so that they can "carry" life later, hold attention and build human relations.

Course Content

  • Motor development from birth to two-and-a-half.
  • The importance of movement for movement-brain-development
  • Developmental principles
  • The child's development in the first year of life
    • First phase: Stable central position 1-3 month
    • Second phase: Leaving of the midline by rotation
    • Third phase: Locomotion on the floor
    • Fourth phase: Locomotion on half height
    • Fifth phase: Upright with hold
    • Sixth phase: Free upright
  • Short overview of the further development
  • Crossing the midline of the body
  • Learning Menu for the integration of early childhood movement development
    • Duplicating the early childhood developmental movements
    • Balance with Information
    • Balance with games, movement and play
    • Balances with situations of every day life
    • Balance with kinesiological systems
  • Balancing procedure in Developmental Kinesiology - Integration of the Early Childhood Movement Development
  • Good literature for the movement development

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