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Fifty-six studio (sponsor),
Brain Body Centre Ltd. and Shenxinpingheng Studio (co-sponsors) present:

Developmental Kinesiology:

Growth Seminar Series

with Renate Wennekes


Founder of Developmental Kinesiology, Director of Institut fuer Kinesiologische Lernfoerderung, International Faculty Member of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation for Germany 

Developmental Kinesiology:

Growth Seminar Series

Duration: 8 hours/per seminar

Dates: April, 12-15, 2012

Venue: Yanhan Mountain Hotel, Shenzhen.  Click here for google map.  Click here to see details about accommodation and transport in Chinese. Click here to see details in English.

Pre-requisite: None 

Language: English with Mandarin translation; Chinese or English Manual

Fees (RMB/HKD):


Whole course

Registration of 1-3 course

Super-early bird fees
(paid on or before Feburary 20, 2012)
RMB 5,000 / HKD 6,127 RMB 1,400 / HKD 1,715 (per course)
Early bird fees
(paid on or before March 12, 2012)
RMB 5,500 / HKD 6,739 RMB 1,500 / HKD1,838 (per course)
Original RMB 6,000 / HKD 7,352 RMB 1,800 / HKD 2,206 (per course)

* Certificate is granted by Institut fuer Kinesiologische Lernfoerderung.

Developmental Kinesiology Workshops - discover the power within you

The workshops of Developmental Kinesiology are a wonderful possibility to develop yourself, to give children space and room and to experience an interesting new field of activity. It is about good parenthood and finally to become a grown-up.

The development of the human being is slowed down. Only at the age of 21 years all the main parts are developed and the human has grown up. No other creature on this planet takes so long for its growth as the human. The first four years of life are of great importance. Here the human develops from embryo to a talking, moving, social being.

In the seven workshops of Developmental Kinesiology you will experience the most important stages of becoming a human being. You will get the chance to catch up for missed developmental steps and will be consolidated for your every day life.

The courses are of great interest for parents, teachers, day care teachers and for every body who wants to enrich life with childlike joy, sense and adventure.

Course 1: Birth, hurray, it is me!

Date: Apr. 12, 2012
Birth is one of the most exciting adventures, you will face in life. Through the senses, the reflexes and hormones both from the mother and yourself you will be well prepared for the exciting trip from your safe mum's nest into the outer world. Everything will change: the noises, the light, the touch, the space, the movement, the nutrition and your relationships. By playing, exchanging and with our own experience you will experience how well nature prepared you for this great change and how competent nature will guide you through this process of change. This is how you will create your own birth in a new way and you will guide people to do their way into the light full of trust und own-steered. This will be a day full of discoveries.

Course 2: Senses - Nutrition for the brain and color for your life

Date: Apr. 13, 2012
The senses lead you throughout the world and bring the world to you. They enrich your life, safe and form your life, serve your health and well-being. They give your life sense and your senses life.

In this workshop you will experience the three body senses tactility, proprioception and balance as well as the near-senses smelling and tasting and the far-senses seeing and hearing. It is the goal to learn and live consciously with all senses. You will have a day full of ideas, play and information, a day on which you can encounter your every day stress, time pressure and burnout.

Course 3: Primary reflexes: competent in life!

Date: Apr. 14, 2012
After nine months of pregnancy, nine months up to crawling- the time in the mother's womb with view outside- and further eighteen up to twenty-four months, the human baby will be equipped with everything it will need to live. In this time the primary reflexes are the basics for the physical, emotional and cognitive development. They provide you with your first experience of movement, steer your birth and safe survival in the first months after your birth.

On this day you will get the most important information about primary reflexes and you will have the chance to sense them in your own body. This is a wonderful possibility to support your body posture and your movement as well as to support the development and the up-bringing of the children.

Reflexes consolidate your potential and they are the basic of your great will to achieve something, to be special and to enjoy the freedom of the moment.

Course 4: Baby-time and parenthood

Date: Apr. 15, 2012
Birth is completed and what is going on now? Very often parents are only little prepared of what their baby will need, expectations and reality often diverge. Human babies will come competent in this world, as long as they have the intended surrounding. They need the mother's body. If you put them away, they will be helpless like a fish in shallow water.

Together with us you will pass through the motor development on this day from birth up to free standing and walking. This is basic for the further motor, emotional and cognitive development. By duplicating the movements you will tie in the potential of unfolding and the power of the child. This will free you in your every day life and it will open you for your adventure of life. This is how you can guide and help children during their ripening and you will rediscover your own flexibility.


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