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2012 Masters Series

Awakening the Child Heart



with Carla Hannaford, Ph.D, neurophysiologist, author, world-renowned educator

Carla Hannaford - Playing in the Unified Field - Raising & Becoming Conscious, Creative Human Beings

(part I)

(part II)

Part I
Part II

Part II

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2012 Masters Series: Awakening the Child Heart

Duration: 3 days 

Dates: Nov, 9-11, 2012

Venue: Shenzhen, China.  Venue to be confirmed

Pre-requisite: None. 

Language: English with Mandarin translation.  Chinese translation of Awakening the Child Heart as course manual.

Fees (RMB/HKD):

 Early bird fees


 to be confirmed  to be confirmed

In this highly experiential workshop, the importance of play, sound, music and the heart for parenting and life-long joy and learning will be presented. The latest scientific research will be elaborated reinforcing what we instinctively know will heal our family, societal and global wounds. This workshop brings a deep understanding of how we structure our reality through our heart, brain, emotions, actions and intentions. Practical insights and "how to's" will be shared, which will be of immediate value to people of all ages who are ready to deeply connect with their full potential and their child heart, to play again for the good of all.


  • THE PRENATAL ENVIRONMENT--- Importance of a nurturing environment and the Coherent Heart
  • SHAPING REALITY --- The quantum physics of connection 
  • JOYFUL BEGINNINGS --- Movement, sound, touch and coherent vibrations
    • The importance of movement and sound for brain and vestibular system development  
    • The importance of Play --- The Forest Kindergarten
  • SURVIVAL OR JUST PLAIN STRESS? --- The Stress Factor/Our hurried life-styles/fear-survival
    • Physical Effects ---- heart/breath, indigestion, tendon-guard reflex, eyesight,hyperactivity-hypervigilance, depressed immunity 
    • Mental Effects ---- beta brain waves (hyperactivity), homolateral brain function 
    • Emotional Effects ---- depression, alienation, violence, incoherence 
  • THE MASTERFUL HEART -- The heart orchestrates the brain --- neurologically/hormonally
    • Coherence vs. Incoherence --- understanding learning through quantum physics 
    • Opening to all potentiality --- as masters of our reality
  • SOUND --- THE COSMIC MOTOR --- Our connection with everything through vibration, language and music 
    • The vibrational sound field and physical manifestation 
    • Singing our Song --- voicing our will 
    • Sound and the community --- entanglement 
    • Why music is so important
    • Opening of the Heart 
    • Optimal Vestibular Development ---- a spin on life 
    • Touch and Nerve Growth Factor 
    • The Power of Connection
    • Beyond the "cookie-cutter curriculum" 
    • Educare --- "to gently lead out"
    • Opening up the world --- and learning to experience deeply --- for wisdom, understanding and creativity
  • THE FUTURE OF THE CHILD HEART ---  Solutions for now and the future, for all beings.

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