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Click here to see 2018-2019 public workshop schedule

【2019 Pre-Conference Workshop - Application Course on How to Run Your Training and Consulting Practice by Rose Harrow】

Rose Harrow, a certified master business coach will teach the following course in China for the first time:

Pre-requsite: none. Participants of 16 or above are welcome.

① Shenzhen ~ March 9-11, 2019 ~ Earning A Real Income: How to Run Your Training and Consulting Practice as a Real Business


【2019 Pre-Conference Workshop - Touch for Health® by Matthew Thie, M.Ed】

Matthew Thie will teach the following course in Taipei. It is the first time he gives lecture in Taiwan.

① Taipei ~ March 9-10, 2019 ~ 16 hours of continuing education for Registered Touch for Health instructor in Greater China area ~Fun with Touch for Health® Posture and Reactivity Balancing (Pre-requisite: Touch for Health® 3; Touch for Health®4 highly recommended)


【2019 Post-Conference Workshops - Educational Kinesiology by Paul Dennison, Ph.D. - 4 courses in 3 cities 】

The following courses will be taught by Paul E. Dennsion, Ph.D. - a renowned educator as well as a world-class learning skills authority.

① Hangzhou ~ March 18-21, 2019 ~ 24 credits ~ Total Core Repatterning. Pre-requisite: Brain Gym® In Depth

② Hangzhou ~ March 23-25, 2019 ~ 24 credits ~ Language of Movement. Pre-requisite: Brain Gym® In Depth

③ Taipei ~ March 30-31, 2019 ~ 16 credits ~ Dennison Whole Brain Learning Method. Pre-requisite: None

④ Hong Kong ~ April 3-7, 2019 ~ 32 credits ~ Brain Gym® In Depth. Pre-requisite: Brain Gym® 101



Coming Soon
Oct. 2018 ~ Jan. 2019

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BG logo

  • Brain Gym® In Depth (Chongqing)
    Oct. 24-28 - Conrad Ho

Qinesiology Logo

  • Core Balances - Adventuring in Life (Beijing)
    Oct. 17-21 - Conrad Ho

  • The Twelve-Meridians Balances & The Eight-Extraordinary-Meridian Balances (Shenzhen)
    Nov. 1-5 - Conrad Ho

  • Foundation Balances - Accessing the Details (Shanghai)
    Nov. 24-28 - Conrad Ho

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  • Touch for Health® Casework Workshop II (Zhengzhou)
    Dec. 5-9 - Amy Choi

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2019 Greater China Kinesiology Conference

Theme: Balance on Your Life Path
Date: March 14-17, 2019
City: Hangzhou


Calling for Short Testimonials on How Kinesiology Has Helped Improved Your Life

Topic: "How kinesiology has helped bring practical benefits to my life"
Deadline: March 1st, 2019

For Details:


2018-20 Internationally-recognized Kinesiology Instructor / Consultant Training Schedule

BG logo
BG logo

Brain Gym® Teacher Practicum (Kyoto, Japan)
Nov. 16-20, 2018- Amy Choi

Brain Gym® Teacher Practicum (Chongqing, China)
Jan. 12-16, 2019- Amy Choi and / or Conrad Ho

Brain Gym® Teacher Practicum (Taipei)
Feb. 27 - Mar. 2, 2020 - Amy Choi and Conrad Ho


Photo Albums

Touch for Health® Training Workshop (Zhengzhou)

Photo album cover

Flickr link / China Link

Date: September 8-11, 13-16, 2018
Instructor: Amy Choi
Place: Zhengzhou
Sponsor: Brain Body Centre Ltd. (Hong Kong) & Zhengzhou Jing's Jade Health Consultancy Ltd.

Day 1 class report:
Day 2 class report:
Day 3 class report:
Day 4 class report:
Day 5 class report:
Day 6 class report:
Day 7 class report:
Day 8 class report:

Brain Gym® In Depth (Kyoto)

Photo album cover

Flickr link / China Link

Date: September 19-23, 2018
Instructor: Amy Choi
Place: Kyoto, Japan
Sponsor: Akiko Ando

Case report from Japan - no.1:
Case report from Japan - no.2:

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New Books and Products

Brain Gym® 101 - Balance for Daily Life (7th Edition)

Brain Gym® 101 - Balance for Daily Life (7th Edition) published in 2018 contains nearly 3,000 improvements in translation, use of language and the more user-friendly Chinese and English Edu-K glossaries.

This is the official manual in simplified/traditional Chinese characters for the BG101 - Brain Gym® 101 course, to be sold to Licensed Brain Gym® Instructors/Consultants and participants of Brain Gym® 101 only.




My Experiences and Interpretation of Ming's Mirror Method

by Conrad Ho on 19 September 2018, written in Chongqing

One night in September 2010, Amy Choi, my wife, went home after teaching a course. She was still excited and wanted me to try her new balancing method. We have been treating each other as guinea pigs in order to test one's own discoveries. It was not the first time and not new to me that I was asked for a "trial".

I was watching my favorite DVD movie and my mind was pre-occupied. I simply asked her to let me finish watching my movie. Then she smiled and went in the bedroom. Usually, 99% of the time when I went to bed, she was already sound asleep. But this time, when I went into the bedroom after 12 mid-night, she was still waiting for me with a smiling face! Surprise! I wondered what would happen.

At the beginning, she looked at me with her eyes half-closed and slowly approaching me from a metre away until our noses nearly touched each other. It was so close that I couldn't focus onto her face. Keeping at this short distance, she circled around me, as if she wanted to sniff at me. Then she was back to her original position. She continued to use that strange look to look at me with her neck increasingly inclined. Her neck twisted to greater angle and finally asked me the question, "Do you feel tense on the back of your neck?" I felt a bit of that part and replied, "Yes!" I said. She kept twisting her neck. After a minute or two, she asked again, "How do you feel this time? Are your neck muscles released?" I felt it again and said, "Yes!" I said.

She rushed over excitedly, pushed me onto the bed and looked at me with that strange look again, noses nearly touching other. Then she said, "It is my new discovery, isn't it wonderful?" I was a little scared by her sudden push, and it was too close for me to focus. To be honest, I was a little annoyed and replied half-heartedly, "My neck muscles are really released!" Fortunately, she felt contented, smiled and fell asleep. This was my first experience of being balanced by Amy Choi's "Ming' Mirror Method".

Since then, I was "mirrored" many times. Amy was more labourious during the early days of her doing the balances, and performance styles of stage performers were incorporated into her balancing techniques. Gradually her skills became more meticulous and effortless, and more freely and smoothly. The content of Ming's Mirror Method has gone through the transition from therapy model (to feel other's result of thinking) to educational model (to feel other's process of thinking).

Recently, Amy Choi was invited as one of the keynote speakers at the International Educational Kinesiology Conference in Germany. She explained and demonstrated "Ming's Mirror Method" at the conference. Her skills have improved greatly and the philosophy involved has substantially shifted to promote self-comprehension or self-interpretation or self-reflection of the client; rather than the mere disclosure of client's insights, which he or she could not originally notice.

Perhaps some professionals or students of this field would understand that "Ming's Mirror Method" is a so-called "energy scanning method" that is explained in many naturopathies. That is, applying the sensitivity that an ordinary person does not have to perceive the energy field of the others. Personally, I would think that it should be more than the scanning of energy. I feel that Amy has involved the scanning of information. She uses the sensitivity that an ordinary person does not have and perceives the information field of others. Not only does she sense the irregular waves of energy field of her partner, she also understands the information that is carried by these irregular fluctuations. She then uses body movements as a factual feedback and shows it to her partner. She allows the partner to comprehend what is being shown from his or her own perspective. It also allows the partner to learn those things that might be happening at a deeper level.

If you are interested in understanding more about yourself; you are advised to try "Ming's Mirror Method" just like me. You will probably discover memories that you have been shielding, so you can finally do something practical to face it seriously. In addition, for a more in-depth knowledge of "Ming's Mirror Method", please see the essay that explains "Ming's Mirror Method" by Amy Choi.

Click to read the essay



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