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【2019 Pre-Conference Workshop - Application Course on How to Run Your Training and Consulting Practice by Rose Harrow】

Rose Harrow, a certified master business coach will teach the following course in China for the first time:

Pre-requsite: none. Participants of 16 or above are welcome.

① Shenzhen ~ March 9-11, 2019 ~ Earning A Real Income: How to Run Your Training and Consulting Practice as a Real Business

Sponsor: Shenzhen Foresight Management & Consultant Co., Ltd., Brain Body Centre Ltd. (Hong Kong)

【2019 Pre-Conference Workshop - Touch for Health® by Matthew Thie, M.Ed】

Matthew Thie will teach the following course in Taipei. It is the first time he gives lecture in Taiwan.

① Taipei ~ March 9-10, 2019 ~ 16 hours of continuing education for Registered Touch for Health instructor in Greater China area ~Fun with Touch for Health® Posture and Reactivity Balancing (Pre-requisite: Touch for Health® 3; Touch for Health®4 highly recommended)

Sponsor: Ay Su Veda (Taipei)

【2019 Post-Conference Workshops - Educational Kinesiology by Paul Dennison, Ph.D. - 4 courses in 3 cities 】

The following courses will be taught by Paul E. Dennsion, Ph.D. - a renowned educator as well as a world-class learning skills authority.

① Hangzhou ~ March 18-21, 2019 ~ 24 credits ~ Total Core Repatterning. Pre-requisite: Brain Gym® In Depth
Sponsors: Shanghai Wisdom & Balance Culture Development Co., Ltd., Brain Body Centre Ltd. (Hong Kong)

② Hangzhou ~ March 23-25, 2019 ~ 24 credits ~ Language of Movement. Pre-requisite: Brain Gym® In Depth
Sponsors: Shanghai Wisdom & Balance Culture Development Co., Ltd., Brain Body Centre Ltd. (Hong Kong)

③ Taipei ~ March 30-31, 2019 ~ 16 credits ~ Dennison Whole Brain Learning Method. Pre-requisite: None
Sponsor: Ay Su Veda (Taipei)

④ Hong Kong ~ April 3-7, 2019 ~ 32 credits ~ Brain Gym® In Depth. Pre-requisite: Brain Gym® 101
Sponsor: Brain Body Centre Ltd. (Hong Kong)



Coming Soon
Nov. 2018 ~ Feb. 2019

Qinesiology Logo

  • Foundation Balances - Accessing the Details (Shanghai)
    Nov. 24-28 - Conrad Ho

  • TFH logo

  • Touch for Health® Casework Workshop II (Zhengzhou)
    Dec. 5-9 - Amy Choi

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2019 Greater China Kinesiology Conference

Theme: Balance on Your Life Path
Date: March 14-17, 2019
City: Hangzhou

*3-month early bird discount deadline: on or before Dec. 13, 2018
*2-month early bird discount deadline: on or before Jan. 14, 2019

Calling for Short Testimonials on How Kinesiology Has Helped Improved Your Life

Topic: "How kinesiology has helped bring practical benefits to my life"
Deadline: March 1st, 2019

For Details:


2018-20 Internationally-recognized Kinesiology Instructor / Consultant Training Schedule

BG logo
BG logo

Brain Gym® Teacher Practicum (Kyoto, Japan)
Nov. 16-20, 2018- Amy Choi

Brain Gym® Teacher Practicum (Chongqing, China)
Jan. 12-16, 2019- Amy Choi and / or Conrad Ho

Brain Gym® Teacher Practicum (Taipei)
Feb. 27 - Mar. 2, 2020 - Amy Choi and Conrad Ho


Photo Albums

Optimal Brain Organization (Chongqing)

Photo album cover

Flickr link / China Link

Date: September 21-23, 2018
Instructor: Conrad Ho
Place: Chongqing
Sponsor: Chonqing Beautiful Life Growing Space

Class report:

Core Balances - Adventuring in Life Balances (Beijing)

Photo album cover

Flickr link / China Link

Date: October 17-21, 2018
Instructor: Conrad Ho
Place: Beijing
Sponsor: Beijing Tianxingtianzheng Co.

Day 1 class report:
Day 2 class report:
Day 3 class report:
Day 4 class report:
Day 5 class report:

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New Books and Products

Core Balances - Adventuring in Life Balances Manual

Product Name: Core Balances - Adventuring in Life Balances Manual (Simplified Chinese) 

This is the course manual in Simpified Chinese for the Core Balances - Adventuring in Life Balances workshop.

To be sold Core Balances - Adventuring in Life Balances instructors and students only.

Publisher: Brain Body Centre Ltd., Hong Kong, China
Year Published: 2018
ISBN: 978-988-78936-6-0
Authors: Conrad Ho Siu Chan
Packaging: Ring-bound 
No. of pages/Contents: 59 pages
Language: Simpified Chinese


I have done private sessions for twins in the past and have come across situations in which personal boundaries were unclear. Today I am writing this story to share with you:

The story of twin sisters

by Amy Choi on October 20, 2018, written in Hong Kong

Once upon a time there were two twin sisters. They were poor in their childhood and had to sleep in the same bed.  They got confused which underwear belonged to whom and had them mixed up when wearing them.  It was the same when wearing clothes and occasionally both sisters wore the same kind of clothes. At that time, they were confused and had no consciousness to distinguish the clothes between them. Which underwear and which piece of clothes did they belong to? After all, both were very glad as long as they had something to wear. The sisters mixed up their clothes and it felt just fine. There were no distinction between their possessions and their relationships were extraordinary.

One day, a wise old man came to whisper his dream to the younger sister. He said, “Within a half-year time starting from tomorrow morning when you wake up, you and your elder sister will need to distinguish the clothes and underwear - to whom do these underwear and clothes belong to.”

At that time, the younger sister did not understand and wanted to stop the old man in the dream from leaving in order to ask clearly.  She wanted to know how to distinguish the underwear and clothes between them since she had never done it before.  However, as soon as the wise old man had whispered the information, he immediately disappeared from the dream.

After the younger sister woke up, she took out the underwear and clothes from the drawers and told her sister what the old man had said to her in the dream. However, she still did not know how to divide the underwear and clothes between them. 

The elder sister thought of a way.  She called for all the sheep in the village and then asked each one to whom did it think these clothes and underwear belong. However, each sheep had its own opinion. Some said this piece of clothes belonged to the elder sister, some said that underwear belonged to the younger sister, some said they had seen this underwear or clothes having been worn by both sisters and thus belonged to both.  The sheep made the sisters completely confused.

After one month, the elder sister thought of the second way.  She sought for advice from their parents. However, their parents were busy and needed to work in the field all day.  They could not pay attention to this kind of question and so they just murmured and gave only a simple answer. Both sisters, of course, were dissatisfied with the answer.

After another month, the elder sister thought of the third way.  As these items were their belongings, it would be better that this problem be solved by them. First priority, the elder sister considered that they had to clarify their body boundaries. They drew a line in the middle of the bed. The younger sister slept on the left side and the elder sister on the right side. After three months of such sleeping, they divided the underwear and clothes into two parts.  Each sister would then chose the items she liked and place her items onto her side. If both favoured an item, then they would discuss who would take such item.

Bubbles of Vision Gym help build personal space and boundary.
(From Vision Gym card published by IAK, Germany)

In this way, the two sisters slept in the same bed on either side of the middle line without touching each other. After three months, they had a strong feeling - the elder sister was aware that she was not the younger sister; and the younger sister found that she was not the elder sister either. Each sister had her own favourites, and some items, of course, were jointly favoured by both of them.

Within a half-year time, both sisters could clearly distinguish the clothes and the underwear between them.  After that, they decided to sleep in separate beds.

The two sisters married to their loved ones later. Each sister slept with her husband in the same bed and could clearly distinguish which items belonged to her husband, and which items belonged to her. Each sister had her own favourites, which were different from that of her husband. Of course, there were some items jointly favoured by the couples.  Having such clarity was a blessing to them!

In the mind of both sisters, they will always remember the important information and gift that were given to them by the wise old man in the dream.


The Third Touch for Health® Casework Workshop (2 of 2) will be Held in Zhengzhou in December

by Amy Choi on November 5, 2018, written in Hong Kong
Faculty of Touch for Health® School of International Kinesiology College

Touch for Health® Casework Workshop demonstrates how Touch for Health® (TFH) techniques can be flexibly applied in our daily lives and private balancing sessions.  In this five-day course, students will have the opportunity to observe how TFH balances are done, and to practice TFH interviewing and balancing techniques under the supervision of the instructor.  The purpose of the course is to enhance the skills and flexibility of Touch for Health® balances by the students themselves.

While Touch for Health® Synthesis Levels 1-4 offers a step-by-step and more logical way to learning TFH®, Touch for Health® Casework Workshop offers a more gestalt and holistic approach in learning TFH®.

Characteristics of the Touch for Health® balance:

  1. The TFH balance is offered in the theoretical frameworks of the self-responsibility and educational models.
  2. Its ultimate purpose is to enhance the awareness of the client in his or her life.
  3. Starting from the body, it focuses at different issues in various daily life situations and well-being of the client;
  4. By enhancing the three aspects of the TFH health triangle, i.e. the body structure (anatomy), the personal psychology (mental/emotional) and biochemistry (physiology), it helps the client improve the equilibrium of the body-mind system;
  5. The biofeedback mechanism of muscle-checking is being used as an educational tool.

After the first Touch for Health® Casework Workshops had been held in Dalian in 2013, and the second one in Shenzhen in 2016, the first half of the third one successfully took place in Zhengzhou this June.  The second half will be commence in a mountain villa at the foot of Shao Shi Shan, Dengfeng in Zhengzhou this December. Students will focus on learning how to apply the techniques of Touch for Health® Synthesis (3 & 4) onto casework sessions.

This workshop is recommended for those who had taken Touch for Health® Synthesis, Registered TFH® Instructors, those who wish to have deeper understanding of the application of TFH® techniques and those who wish to experience intensive TFH balancing.

Registered TFH® Instructors and Licensed Brain Gym®  Instructors/Consultants in the Greater China region may use these credits for fulfilling continuing education requirements. This course is one of the requirements to becoming a TFH® Consultant of International Kinesiology College in the Greater China region.


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