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Brain Gym®101

Balance for Daily Life

Taught with the Brain Gym® 101 Handbook

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Brain Gym® 101

Accredited Hours of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation: 24

Duration: Hong Kong - 28; China - 35

Dates: Please refer to the Public Workshop Schedule

Venue: Brain Body Centre or other venues

Pre-requisite: None

Fees (HK$):

Brain Gym® 101


*Early bird



New students



certification* & the new Brain Gym® 101 manual

Review students
(those who already have a certificate of this course)



Reviewers would need to pay for the new manual (HKD280)

* Early bird - paid 28 days on or before workshop date. See master table for the exact date
* Certificate is granted by the Educational Kinesiology Foundation.

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The Workshop

The Brain Gym® Basic course is a movement-based educational experience centered around 26 different simple activities that children naturally do during their first years of life as they learn to coordinate their eyes, ears, hands and the whole body. As a key element of the work known as Educational Kinesiology, this workshop promotes efficient communication between the brain and the rest of the body, increasing play and creativity and alleviating stress as it enhances performance.  The balance process taught in the course have been designed to develop the brain's neural pathway in the same way that nature does: through movement. No matter what challenges you may face, the course will help you to awaken your natural abilities, freeing you to move, learn, grow and succeed.

About the Brain Gym® Programme

People of all ages use the learning programme known as Brain Gym® to bring about rapid and often dramatic improvements in their reading, writing, language, and numerical skills.  Many others use the work to profoundly enhance the quality of their attention and concentration, relationship and communication, memory and organization skills, athletic performance and more.

The Edu-K book have been translated into more than 50 languages, and the curriculum is being put to good use within a growing number of training programmes in corporate, athletic, and institutional settings. 

The Brain Gym® activities are lively and fun to do, and have been shown, through years of field studies, research reports, and clinical experience, to teach learners the physical skills they need for academic success. The ability to learn is especially important in the first years of school, when children are laying the foundation for their future education and adult life.  To enhance the ease with which youngsters learn, Brain Gym® is taught worldwide in thousand of schools. 

Though initially developed for young learners, the Brain Gym® programme of today serves the needs of:

  • People of all ages who are wanting to enhance their lives and learning skills
  • Parents and educators who wish to bring more ease and joy to the children in their care, including those with behavioural or learning difficulties
  • Those who wish to add a skill to their existing profession
  • Those who wish to deepen their knowledge of Brain Gym® become Instructor/Consultants, and gain a globally recognize license
  • Those who wish to become consultants in conjunction with their specialty, such as teaching, occupational therapy or physiotherapy
This programme was developed by Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D. and Gail Dennison over more than three decades, through extensive research in areas that include education, psychology, brain function, and applied kinesiology.  Brain Gym® 101 the core introductory course, explores the application of movement to develop the physical aspects of learning, thus enhancing both academic and interpersonal facility.

Outline of the Course

  • Model and background
    • The Dynamic brain model and how it relates to learning
    • The Three Dimensions and Five Principles of Movement-based learning
    • How we use noticing in Edu-K
    • Stress Based vs. Movement-based Learning
    • Using the right language to match your goals/intentions
  • The Process
    • Brain Gym® Action Balance: Five Steps to Easy Learning
      • Find your PACE
      • Setting the Edu-K Goal
      • Do Pre-activities
      • The Wheel of In-depth Checks
      • The Learning Menu - 26 Brain Gym® activities and 2 Repatterning Exercises
      • Post Activities
      • Celebratio
  • The Content
    • Action balances for:
      • Positive Attitude
      • Seeing
      • Listening
      • Writing
      • Accessing the Midfield (with Dennison Laterality Repatterning)
    • The Three Dimensions:
      • Laterality dimension: The Action Balance for Communication
      • Centering dimension: The Action Balance for Organization
      • Focus Dimension: The Action Balance for Comprehension
    • Action balance for Everyday living (with Three-Dimension Repatterning)
    • F.A.S.T. Action balance (Feel All Storms Transformed) for integrating emotions
    • The X-pand Balance - putting everything together


Feedback from Participants

  • I am positive from my heart.
  • I trust my body; more confident; more considerate; love more.
  • More insights for me; more confidence working with children.
  • I've learnt how simple exercises can help me balance myself in many different perspectives.
  • Trust myself; discover our inner power.
  • Positive thinking, noticing, be happy.
  • Beginning to learn how my brain works for me.

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